Family Studio Sessions: An Easy YES for Cold Months

February 20, 2024

It’s easy to see gorgeous sunset family sessions and want to hold out for one (especially when we’re in the midst of dreary winter!). I get it. There’s a lot of perks and I’m never going to deter someone from pursuing one! But here’s the thing: Studio sessions can be JUST AS gorgeous, possibly even more cozy, and easier for wrangling small kiddos! Let’s dig into that! Check out what can make a Studio Session a great option 🙂 

1. Not Weather Dependent 

Rain or Shine, we’re on! Weather can be so unpredictable in central IN, and having to reschedule can be disappointing and inconvenient. Book a studio session, and you won’t be thinking a thing about rescheduling, your hair getting ruined in the rain, or getting cut short by a sudden thunder storm! 

2. Great for Kids!

The CLP Studio has a play area for the kids with lots of toys to keep them happy. I also provide snacks and drinks for hangry little ones! Being inside limits concern of littles running off and needing chased down, which can bring a real peace of mind. It also provides a safe space for them to take breaks if needed while parents grab a few shots, during NB posed shots, or outfit changes. 

3. Variety

You might not think so at first glance, but the CLP Studio provides a good variety of locations for shooting (I’ve got a couple spots with great natural light too!). Snuggle up on the bed or daybed, perhaps the leather couch or vintage gold chair, or huddled in front of the fire place. Stand in front of the window or huddled around my vintage baby crib. Huddle up on the couch or utilize my stunning staircase. Seriously, we can get such a variety of vibes AND poses. It’s great!

4. Easy Outfit Changes 

While I do my best to make outdoor outfit changes a breeze, it’s never as simple as being indoors. At the CLP Studio you have full access to my Client Closet and ample space for the whole family to change and try on as needed. 

5. Comfortable 

It’s such a pleasure having a space for families to come make themselves at home in. Knowing your kids are safe, that you can comfortably breastfeed your baby, that taking a break for a quick snack or bathroom break is no big deal, it’s truly hard to beat the comforts of a studio session. I love getting to hang out before and after your session as well while your kids decompress! 

If this won’t convince you to book a studio session, I’m not  sure what will! Trust me. Book one and come hang out with me in my gorgeous studio. We’re capture some magic, I promise <3