June 16, 2023

You want to look great for your photos, and that starts with what you wear! Here are 10 tips for what to wear to your photo session with Crystal Lawburgh Photography so you can look (and feel!) your best!

1. You want to be comfortable AND feel great.

When you’re choosing clothes for your photo session, it’s the perfect opportunity to select the items you feel comfortable and confident in. Choose clothing that is flattering for everyone. Stick to colors, materials, and fits that you know look good on you. It’s also a great idea to incorporate items that you wouldn’t necessarily wear every day. Blouses, flowy skirts and dresses, cardigans, and statement accessories like hats, scarves and jewelry can all help to enhance your photos.

Don’t forget to take into account the colors and kinds of furniture in the studio. You want to avoid blending in with the environment. 

When considering what to wear for a photo shoot, comfort and personal taste should always be a priority. Choose clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and you will look stunning in your photos.

2. Think about the location: Studio vs Sunset.

When preparing for your session, take into account the location where your photos will be taken. Will they be taken in a professional studio or during a sunset session outdoors? This can affect your clothing choices.

Consider trying on multiple outfits for your session. You might arrive and realize what you liked in photos is different than what you like once it’s on. Thinking carefully about your outfit can help ensure you get gorgeous photos that you will treasure forever.

3. Consider the season.

Your wardrobe selection can sometimes be complicated by the season. Certain accessories look best during particular times of the year. 

Different settings can also dictate clothing choices. During the summer, light materials will help you beat the heat and prevent you from getting too sweaty during a session outdoors. If you’re shooting inside, try to pick materials that are lightweight and make it easy for you to move around for the perfect shots.

For cooler weather, layers are also great for outdoor shoots. You can take off and add layers for different looks and textures. 

By looking into the season, you can find the perfect outfit for your session. A planned wardrobe that blends in properly with the season can guarantee you will get the perfect shots.

4. Choose a color scheme rather than one color.

Choosing the right color scheme for your wardrobe is essential. It’s important to select colors that complement each other, as well as your skin tone and hair. Avoid wearing the same color as the other participant(s) in your session, as this can cause bodies to blend together in the images. 

It’s best to go with a color scheme, rather than one color. Choose outfits that compliment one another, rather than match identically. Choosing one or two items of clothing with patterns, then pulling colors from those is a great method to try. With a well-crafted and thoughtful color scheme, you can guarantee that your photos will come out perfectly.

5. Think patterns and textures.

Patterns and textures should not be overlooked. Adding patterns and textures to an outfit makes the photos look more interesting and can help to draw the viewers’ attention. Polka dots, stripes, floral, and plaid are a few of the more popular patterns to use.

You can also add texture to your photos with varied fabric types. Textured fabrics add depth to the photos.

When selecting patterns and textures, make sure to consider the overall look of the photos. It’s important to create a cohesive look that is visually appealing. This can be done by selecting patterns and textures that work well together, as well as with the other elements in the photos.

6. Know your body type and what looks good on you.

Your body type and what looks good on you are important factors to consider when selecting your wardrobe for a photo shoot. 

Additionally, your skin tone and hair color should be taken into consideration when selecting your wardrobe.. Wearing colors that contrast with your skin and hair color can create an interesting and eye-catching effect. Choose clothing that compliments your skin tone and hair color instead of competing with it.

7. Layer and accessorize.

Layers and accessories might just be what your outfit needs. Layers can draw attention away from certain areas and add depth to the overall look. 

Accessories are also a great way to add a unique touch to your look. A bold necklace, scarf,or hat are all accessories that can help give your photos a polished look. If you’re stuck on what accessories to wear, keep it simple and choose items that complement the look you’re going for.

8. Avoid neon colors.

Neon colors and fluorescent hues should be avoided. These colors can create some really funky color casts on the skin, and in extreme cases, can be impossible to fix.

9. Avoid large logos.

Try to avoid large logos on your clothing as well. This can be distracting and direct focus to the wrong thing. Small, subtle logos are okay though, as they can help to show your personal style. So go ahead and select logo items that are small enough to be barely visible when the photo is taken. You don’t want your clothing to become the focus, but you still want it to show your personality.

10. Consider borrowing coordinated outfits from the CLP Client Closet!

Did you know Crystal Lawburgh Photography offers a Client Closet to all clients who book with them? Available are several clothing items that are flattering, beautiful, and photograph well. Consider borrowing something if you don’t want to shop for new clothes for your session. 

If you’d rather purchase your own items, you can always use an online personalized styling service to find outfits to purchase for your family. You may be surprised to find something you like more than the options you had in your wardrobe. Whatever you decide, have fun and don’t stress!